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Statistics for Knowledge Based Society

Eurostat Data User Conference

Date: April 24, 2015
Place: Radisson BLU Daugava

Eurostat Data User Conference will be a forum for statistical data producers: Eurostat and the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia, and data users: economists, scientists, journalists, and representatives of ministries and enterprises. Both parties will have an opportunity to get to know each other better and to discuss data availability and quality. Data users will be encouraged to give feedback to Eurostat and the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia.

Eurostat Statistical Office of the European Union offers official, comparable, reliable and objective data on the ever-changing situation in Europe.

Ms. Mariana Kotzeva, Deputy Director-General of Eurostat: “In today's ocean of data coming from various sources, it is crucial for Eurostat and the National Statistical Institutes in the Member States to be recognized as the trustworthy source of statistical information on people, economy and environment in Europe.”


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Organised in cooperation with Dienas Bizness Konferences